Jun 30, 2013


Today  badan dah rasa ok, even rasa sengal sakit belakang still ada. But I'm getting better I guess compare to few days back. Terkelepek atas katil macam lempeng.

Owh, manage to masak2 today, bubur lambuk & 2 big trays of pizza, hih!!! Alhamdulillah.... Still have a lot work to be finished, lipat bajuuuu.... sobbssss... and kemas bilik... sobssssssss.... okie, ta!

When you lose your way, to Allah you should turn.

Jun 26, 2013

~~Life is as it should be~~

It's been a while...... How's life? As usual.... hectic, tiring...  plus the pressure is even more now. But somehow,  I should be thankful for all the life have brought me through :).

Good news, Imtiyaaz is gonna be a big brother soon, end of this year, Insya Allah. Bad news. I've gone through a quite bad morning sickness + nausea. And I'm getting used to it now, it slowly faded away as I reached 2nd trimester of my pregnancy. Cant really wait to hold a small little baby again (^-^)

Work... hurmmm work, the 'pressure is even more now' is referred to work actually. Thought of finding other job, cause sometimes I just couldn't stand it anymore, I just couldn't bear the workload, the responsibilities and the fact that I have to handle A-Z all by myself. Maybe I need to take a month leave and rest at home without thinking about work, owh how I wish I could do that.

Hmmm, ok , keyboard off for now. Got something else to do. Ta!!

When you lose your way, to Allah you should turn.
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