Nov 25, 2012

~~We miss you...~~

It's been about 2 weeks since we left Sheffield. We miss you a lot abang..... Especially Imtiyaaz, he keeps on searching for you everyday, mainly at night, in the middle of the night to be exact. Even the light is already off, he will wake up, sitting still on the bed, looking around for a minute and sleep back.

It makes my heart cries, a lot. And sometimes it cries me a river. And now he's having a fever, since the last few days. He's missing his abah a lot. Really hope he'll get well very soon and we will get through this, InsyaAllah. It's just a matter of time, yes...a matter of time. I will stay stronger for my lil son, hope for no more tears after this, Amin.

 When you lose your way, to Allah you should turn.
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