Sep 15, 2011

~~Our pride & joy~~

It's been a while. No updates. Been busy. Plus lazy. And this is the back dated one.

Salaam & hi all,

The previous entry was only a filler, can I say that? So this is it. I haven't officially introduced my little hero on this blog yet. Faiz Imtiyaaz bin Faeizulazlan, that's the name given to our little hero (ekceli ai yg pilih nama ni, hiks).

After a day me fighting with the contraction pain (ni lah sobabnye hubby kalah dlm pemilihan nama baby), it left me no energy to push the baby out of the womb. So, it took me another 2 and a half hour in the battle (sakit tak tertahan sbb ai tak hamik epidural mahukan induce, so dalam keadaan gegak gempita tu, ai pun request untuk buat ceaser, but semuanya di tolak mentah2 oleh mak ai) before Imtiyaaz was born.

After few failed trials, the docs then decided to do an 'assist vacuum'. With all the energy left in me, I put myself together and pushed the hardest as I could while they vacuumed out the baby's head. Alhamdulillah, we did it! Our pride & joy was born on the 25th of June 2011 (23 Rejab 1432) at 5.26 am, Selayang Hospital. It worths all the pain that I had before as the baby was before my eyes.

An hour old - our twinkle twinkle little star :)

But 4-5 minutes after the baby came out, this question came out of my mouth "Baby dah keluar ke belum?" Dah..... kan tadi baby duduk atas perut awak," replied the doctor (Bley cenggitu?? Ai mmg dah mamai sangat time tu, sakit nak bersalin mmg tatau nak citer camana, asyik ikut mak ai Istighfar - hubby dah kuar dari labour room sbb dah pucat lesi, & di sebabkan sakit tu jugak, ai mmg dah terlelap tanpa ragu-ragu 4-5 kali dalam labour room tu, hih)

Our muuchooo sweetheart - 1 & a half hour old :)

More or less, this is the story about me delivering Imtiyaaz, I wont tell the scary cutting & sewing parts, only people who have the experience can imagine & know about it (^-^).

12 days old - a good khalifah to be , InsyaAllah

Faiz Imtiyaaz, you are mama and abah's pride & joy. You are the best thing happened in our life so far. We loved & will always love you day in & day out. May you grow up healthy & live a long life InsyaAllah. And our prays will always be with you, muaahsssss...

When you lose your way, to Allah you should turn.

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